A Bible-believing, Bible-teaching,

fellowship of redeemed sinners...


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Our Mission

To know Christ, and to make Him known.

Our Statement of Faith

God said it.  We believe it.

(Actually, there is much more to what we believe!  The Wayside Bible Chapel Statement of Faith, is available at the church, or please click here to read our complete Statement of Faith online.)

What to expect and how to dress?

We are a “come as you are” church, where you will be welcome in any style of dress, jeans to silks!  We welcome you to worship as you are comfortable.  Some folks clap, raise hands, or speak out loud, and some folks don’t.  Let the Holy Spirit be your guide!

Japanese interpretation during the service is available most Sundays.

Adult Bible Studies

Wayside Missionaries

Children’s Ministries

Ministries and Events

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Sunday Worship

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